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Tremiti Islands

Isole tremiti barche ancorate

Tremiti Islands

Only 12 miles north from the Gargano Peninsula there are 5 little islands that make up the charming Tremiti Archipelago. These islands, that form the Marine Nature Reserve of Gargano, have been known since ancient times and are still famous for the presence of numerous historical figures and many legends.
The archipelago got its name from the myth of the hero Diomedes; that is why the islands are also called Diomedee Islands. It is said, in fact, that the islands were born at the hand of Diomedes, who threw into the sea three rocks carried with himself from Troy. The rocks resurfaced as the three major islands: San Domino, San Nicola and Capraia. On the island of San Nicola is a tomb of hellenic period called “Tomb of Diomedes”.

In Roman and medieval times the Island of San Nicola was also used as a place of exile. Roman emperor Augustus transferred his granddaughter Julia here, like Charlemagne did with Paul Diacono for a short time. In the Middle Ages the archipelago was ruled by the Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare (“Holy Mary on the Sea”) at San Nicola island, apparently founded here by Benedictine monks from Montecassino.

L'Abbazia di Santa Maria a Mare vista dall'isola di San Domino.

Saint Mary Abbey, viewed from San Domino island.

However, the real treasure of the Tremiti Islands is its wonderful sea, clear and unpolluted: a real piece of paradise in the middle of Adriatic. The visit to the Tremiti Islands is a must for your holiday in the Gargano. The Islands are connected to Vieste by port tourist services.

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